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Big Bear's Backyard Ultra Challenge 2021

  • Added: 21.10.2020

Preliminary info (will be updated)

Where: Žilina, Slovensko

When: Fall 2021, end October. Start Friday afternoon, en Saturday/Sunday, depending on the stamina and stubborness of the participans.

Number of runners: will be confirmed, but around 50 pcs

What: Big Bear's Backyard Ultra

Big Bear Backyard Ultra


Rules are same as everywhere in the world, as created by Lazarus Lake.

1) Route

- Loop there and back. Loop length 4 míles 880 feet or 6.706km for the metric people

2) Start coral

- Big enough to fit all

- Same for the entire duration of event

- When the start bell sounds everybody must be in the coral.

3) Starts

- Each loop starts exactly an hour after the start of the previous loop

- Warning will be given 3, 2 and 1 minute before start of each loop. 

- All runners must be at the start sector when the start bell rings, delayed starts are not allowed.

4) Loop

- With an exemption of a toilet break a runner can't deviate from the loop until it is done.

- No pacing allowed!

- No assistance, support during the loop is allowed.

- Every loop must be finished within one hour in order to count, that includes also the final loop of the last surviving runner.

- No artificial assistane, no poles!

- Slower runners must allow the faster runners to pass.

5) Timing

- Timing of individual loops is not essential but possible

6) Winner/Results

- Runner who alone finishes the last loop is a winner. All the others are technically DNFs. 

- As individual results will be recorded total distances run by runners = 6.706km x number of loops. 

- If no runner can finish one loop more than anyone else then there is no winner. 

7) Total number of loops 

- Total number of loops is not set, it depends on how many are needed to determine the winner

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